Remote Cardiac Monitoring for Early Detection and Lifesaving Interventions

Catch irregular heart rhythms before they become emergencies with
Global Touch LLC Cardiac Remote Monitoring Solutions.

Heart Monitoring System for Connected Care Beyond Clinic Walls

Reimagine cardiac care without clinic walls as a barrier. Our revolutionary cardiac monitoring system empowers you to extend your reach and deliver continuous care wherever your patients may be.

Say goodbye to fragmented data and missed appointments. Our advanced sensors capture the whispers of the heart, even in the comfort of their homes, streaming real-time insights directly to your secure interface.

This level of connected care puts you in constant command of their well-being, 24/7. Through are cardiovascular monitoring ,Early detection of arrhythmias, congestive heart failure, and other concerns becomes effortless, allowing you to proactively intervene before complications arise. 

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Guarding Every Beat with Global Touch's Remote Cardiac Service

At Global Touch, we're not just monitoring hearts, we're protecting them with the next generation of remote cardiac services. Our cardiac monitoring services empower providers to manage the complexities of diverse cardiovascular conditions and drastically reduce readmissions across patient populations.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring


We help you track blood pressure, remote cardiac monitor medication adherence, and nip hypertensive emergencies in the bud.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Congestive Heart Failure

Our real-time data empowers you to manage fluid build-up, optimize medication, and prevent readmissions before they strike.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Atrial Fibrillation

Say goodbye to guessing. We help you detect irregular heartbeats, adjust treatment on the fly, and minimize stroke risk.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Cardiac Surgery

Beyond the operating room. Continuous post-surgical monitoring ensures smoother recovery and fewer complications.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease (COPD)

Breathe easier with remote care. Monitor vital signs, track oxygen levels, and prevent respiratory complications.

We’ve Positively Impacted Thousands Of Patients And Practices.

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Continuous Cardiac Insights Delivered by Smart Heart Monitoring Devices

Our remote cardiac monitoring devices deliver a clear picture of your patients’ hearts, 24/7, right from their homes. No more guesswork, no more waiting for clinic appointments. 

These intelligent devices track every beat, catching small changes and hidden issues before they turn into problems. With our remote heart monitoring devices, you’re always in the loop, seeing early warning signs and adjusting care plans on the fly. 

No more scrambling with emergencies, just proactive prevention and personalized treatment that keeps hearts healthy and happy.

Let's Partner to Revolutionize Patient Wellness

Experience unparalleled growth and success in your healthcare practice by choosing our innovative Patient Monitoring System

Why Choose Our Remote Heart Monitoring Solutions

In the competitive world of cardiac remote monitoring companies, standing out requires genuine value and proven results. We understand your need for reliable, comprehensive solutions that empower better care for your patients. Here's why our remote heart monitoring systems excel than other remote cardiac companies:

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

35% reduction in hospital admissions

Our remote monitoring paints a real-time picture of your patients' hearts, letting you catch subtle changes before they become emergencies.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Increase in diagnostic accuracy

No more second-guessing diagnoses or treatment plans. Our data-driven insights empower you to make informed decisions with absolute certainty

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Expand Your Clinic Reach

Caring for patients beyond the four walls of your practice. Our remote solutions extend your reach and expertise, allowing you to monitor and manage patients from anywhere, anytime.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Reduction in Administrative Workload

Our systems seamlessly integrate with your existing technology, streamlining workflows, saving you time, and minimizing stress. providers using our solutions experience a 25% reduction in administrative workload.

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