Palliative Care Software Solutions for Seamless Care

Provide end-of-life care to your patient in the comfort of their home with
Global Touch LLC’s Palliative Care Software Solutions

Tackle Palliative Care Challenges Head on with Our Monitoring Solutions

Precision Symptom Tracking

Keep a vigilant eye on symptom progression with our meticulous tracking system. Our solution enables clinicians to monitor and document symptom severity with precision.

Holistic Health Insights

Gain a 360-degree view of your patient's health with our integrative monitoring tools. Track not just physical symptoms, but also mental wellbeing, allowing for a holistic approach to palliative care.

Secure Family Portal

Our secure family portal bridges the gap between care teams and loved ones. With real-time updates and educational resources, families stay informed and involved.

Patient Care Software Designed for Palliative Care Providers

Manage patient’s chronic conditions toward the end of their lives with just a click. Our patient care software puts everything in one place for you. It’s straightforward to use – you can track a patient’s pain levels, keep up with how well they’re sticking to their meds, and see the big picture of their chronic conditions, all without switching screens or systems.

Healthcare providers from coast to coast are already on board, using our patient care software to make their important work a little easier. It’s about giving you more time to do what you do best—caring for your patients when they need it the most. Together, we’re not just changing the way palliative care is delivered; we’re redefining what it means to provide compassionate, comprehensive care in the most critical moments.

We’ve Positively Impacted Thousands Of Patients And Practices.

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How our Patient Care Coordination Software Works

For healthcare providers working in palliative care, our program makes your job easier and more effective. When you enroll a patient in our Patient Care Coordination software and telehealth program, you can keep a close eye on them, even when you’re not in the same room. The program lets patients tell you how they’re feeling, learn about their health condition, and manage their medicines. You can see all this information on your computer.

The best part? If you notice anything worrying about a patient’s health, you can act fast to help them. This means you can stop small problems from becoming big ones, making sure your patients are comfortable and safe. Our program is designed to be simple to use, so you can focus more on caring for your patients and less on paperwork or technical stuff.

Let's Partner to Revolutionize Patient Wellness

Experience unparalleled growth and success in your healthcare practice by choosing our innovative Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Achieve Better Patient Outcomes By Choosing Our Palliative Care Software

Palliative Care Software

Transform Pain Management

Elevate your approach to pain relief. Our software enables you to understand and address each patient's pain with unparalleled precision, leading to more effective and compassionate care.

Palliative Care Software

Empower Caregivers

Strengthen the caregiving network. By incorporating caregivers into the care process through our software, you enhance the support system for each patient, leading to a more holistic care experience.

Palliative Care Software

Streamline Communication

Enhance the efficiency and clarity of your care team's communication. Our software ensures vital information is shared quickly and accurately, keeping everyone on the same page and improving overall care coordination.

Palliative Care Software

Boost Medication Adherence

Simplify and clarify medication routines for patients. Our user-friendly software encourages better adherence to medication schedules, resulting in improved health outcomes and patient wellbeing.

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