Remote Patient Monitoring System for Respiratory Infection Viruses

Effortlessly monitor and manage respiratory infections with our revolutionary remote
patient monitoring system, providing real-time data and actionable insights for
improved patient outcomes.

Turnkey Remote Monitoring Solutions For Managing Respiratory Viral Conditions

Gain real-time insights into vital signs like oxygen saturation, temperature, and respiratory rate, allowing you to proactively address issues like pneumonia or asthma exacerbations before they become critical. You can tailor your care plans and interventions to each patient’s unique needs and condition, ensuring the right support for COVID-19, influenza, RSV, or other respiratory threats.

Going Beyond the Basics with Customized Monitoring for Better Results


Adapt questions to capture virus-specific concerns and track their progression or response to treatment.


Provide targeted information specific to the diagnosed virus, for patients to become participants in their recovery.

Treatment adherence monitoring

Track specific medications or therapies relevant to each virus, ensuring patients stay on track for optimal outcomes.

Let's Partner to Revolutionize Patient Wellness

Experience unparalleled growth and success in your healthcare practice by choosing our innovative Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Remote Monitor Patients with High Risk of Viral Infections

Managing high-risk patients susceptible to viral infections can be stressful, juggling concerns about early detection, personalized care, and resource limitations. Our remote patient monitoring system offers a transformative solution, empowering you to provide proactive protection and exceptional care, leading to improved outcomes for everyone.

Continuously monitor vital signs and symptoms specific to each virus (e.g., SpO2 for COVID-19, wheezing for RSV). Identify potential complications early, preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and optimizing interventions.

Reduce patient anxiety with real-time data and readily available support. They can track progress, report concerns, and feel connected to their care team, enhancing the experience.As needs fluctuate or new threats emerge, our scalable system effortlessly accommodates more high-risk patients. Ensure continuity of care without administrative burdens.

We’ve Positively Impacted Thousands Of Patients And Practices.

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Simplify Respiratory Illness Management with Global Touch RPM Solutions

our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system, designed to transform your practice and empower you to deliver exceptional care to your patients

Patient Onboarding A Seamless Start

Patient Onboarding: A Seamless Start

Forget lengthy training sessions. Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing software, getting you started in minutes. No need for complicated setups or disruptions to your workflow.


Personalized Care for Each Patient

We move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Our system offers customizable programs for various respiratory conditions, like COVID-19 or RSV.

Automate Tasks & Boost Efficiency

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

Ditch outdated data and fragmented information. Our system delivers a clear and concise overview of vital signs, symptoms, and medication adherence – all in one central location.

Empower Patients & Improve Engagement

Empower Patients & Improve Engagement

Don't just monitor patients; we actively involve them in their recovery journey. Patients receive tools to track progress, report concerns, and access educational materials.

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

Automate Tasks & Boost Efficiency

Simplify your workload with automated tasks like data analysis, report generation, and patient prioritization. Free up your valuable time to focus on individual patient care.

Proactive Interventions for Better Outcomes

Proactive Interventions for Better Outcomes

Ditch outdated data and fragmented information. Our system delivers a clear and concise overview of vital signs, symptoms, and medication adherence – all in one central location.

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