Remote Patient Monitoring Diabetes

Manage your patient Type I & Type II diabetes by keeping a real-time track of
their blood glucose level with Global Touch LLC’s RPM for diabetes.

Enhancing Diabatic Care with Diabetes Remote Patient Monitoring For Providers

Managing diabetes effectively is a complex balancing act. Traditional methods, relying solely on in-clinic visits and self-reported data, often leave blind spots, hindering optimal care. This is where diabetes remote patient monitoring (RPM) steps in, revolutionizing the way you support patients with diabetes.

How Global Touch Blood Glucose Monitoring System Works

Break free from geographical limitations. Monitor patient glucose levels remotely from any web-enabled device, optimizing your time and improving accessibility for patients regardless of location. This flexibility surpasses traditional blood glucose monitoring systems.
With comprehensive glucose data and proactive interventions, empower your patients to achieve and maintain optimal blood sugar levels. Identify and address potential issues early, minimizing the risk of complications and potentially lowering readmission rates.
Contact us today to explore how Global Touch can transform your practice, empower you with actionable insights, and solidify its position as the best blood glucose monitoring system for comprehensive, convenient, and data-driven diabetic care.

Let's Partner to Revolutionize Patient Wellness

Experience unparalleled growth and success in your healthcare practice by choosing our innovative Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring For Decreased HGbA1c levels

Optimizing diabetic care can feel like a constant uphill battle. Global Touch’s Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring System (CGM) empowers you to revolutionize diabetic care. Gain a 360-degree view of your patients’ glucose fluctuations, day and night. Identify trends, predict risks, and intervene proactively.

Empower your patients with real-time data and actionable insights, motivating them to make informed decisions about their health. See adherence rates soar as they actively participate in their care journey.

CBGM can lead to significant reductions in HbA1c, a key indicator of diabetes control. Witness the positive impact on your patients’ health and quality of life. With CBGM Foster deeper connections with your patients through regular remote consultations and data-driven discussions.

Remote Glucose Monitoring Dashboard

 Gain a clear view of your patients' glucose levels with Global Touch's blood glucose monitoring software. Our intuitive remote glucose monitoring dashboard equips you with the critical data and visual tools you need to optimize chronic care, streamline your workflow, and empower informed decisions.

Interactive graphs: See trends and fluctuations in blood glucose levels displayed clearly, allowing you to quickly identify potential issues.

Customizable data displays: Tailor the dashboard to focus on the specific metrics relevant to each patient, saving you time and effort.

Color-coded alerts: Get immediate notification of critical readings, enabling proactive intervention before complications arise.

Medication adherence tracking: Monitor patient self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) compliance and identify areas where adjustments or support might be needed.


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Our Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices

Global Touch Remote Blood Glucose Monitoring Device is the most prominent way by which you can keep a real-time track of your patient’s blood glucose levels. Blood glucose monitoring devices which are compatible with our software solutions are:

Remote Patient Monitoring Diabetes

UltraTRAK Pro Glucometer

Remote Patient Monitoring Diabetes

ForaCare TNG Go Glucometer

Remote Patient Monitoring Diabetes

ForaCare Glucometer V10 BLE

Remote Patient Monitoring Diabetes

iHealth Blood Gluco+ Smart Glucometer

Remote Patient Monitoring Diabetes

CareSens N Plus BT Blood Glucometer

Remote Patient Monitoring Diabetes

Accu-Chek Guide Me Glucometer

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