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Track every step, gauge cost-effectiveness, & unlock untapped ROI
potential with comprehensive analytics for your RPM program

Make Informed Care Decisions with Actionable Patient Health Analytics

Global Touch LLC’s Clinical Patient Analytics System empowers providers with comprehensive, real-time insights derived from rich patient health data. This allows you to move beyond guesswork and intuition, basing your treatment plans and interventions on tangible evidence and measurable outcomes.

We’ve Positively Impacted Thousands Of Patients And Practices.

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Close Workflow Gaps & Measure Program Inefficiencies

Frustrated by disjointed workflows and hidden inefficiencies in your practice? You’re not alone. Many healthcare providers struggle with fragmented processes, hindering productivity and impacting patient care. Global Touch LLC understands these challenges and offers solutions to help you bridge the gaps and optimize your programs.
Our interactive dashboard presents key metrics in clear, concise charts and graphs, allowing you to easily identify trends, track progress, and monitor program health at a glance. Explore specific areas of interest by filtering data by patient cohorts, program stages, or other relevant criteria. Uncover hidden bottlenecks and understand where you can optimize workflow processes.
Proactively identify patients at risk of readmission, complications, or non-adherence. Allocate resources effectively and take preventative measures to ensure positive outcomes. Base your program adjustments and resource allocation on concrete data, not intuition. Make informed choices that drive tangible improvements in program performance.

Advance Patient-Centric Care with Actionable Data Insights

Our advanced analytics platform goes beyond standard metrics, delivering patient-centric insights that empower you to:

Precision Resource Allocation

Allocate resources based on patient needs and program effectiveness, maximizing impact and minimizing waste

Proactive Care Coordination

Facilitate seamless communication between providers, ensuring patients receive personalized care

Data-Driven Revenue Optimization

Identify areas for revenue growth and develop targeted strategies to improve financial performance.

Identify sub-populations

Go beyond averages and segment your patient population based on specific needs and risk factors.

Let's Partner to Revolutionize Patient Wellness

Experience unparalleled growth and success in your healthcare practice by choosing our innovative Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Global Touch Analytical Reporting Suite For Streamline Remote Program

Global Touch offers an Analytical Reporting Suite designed to empower providers with deeper insights, enabling data-driven decisions and optimization of remote programs for improved patient outcomes and increased efficiency.

One key aspect of our suite is the ability to track patient progress and enable timely interventions. Through Timely Intervention Reports, providers can identify and monitor potential patient risks in real-time, ensuring prompt interventions from clinicians and ultimately leading to enhanced patient satisfaction and outcomes

Our system enables early risk detection, allowing providers to proactively identify patients at risk of complications and implement preventive measures to avoid costly hospitalizations. By analyzing intervention data, providers can also optimize resource allocation, ensuring that their teams are equipped to effectively address patient needs.

Clinician Workflow Reports enable providers to track clinician engagement with the telehealth platform, identifying opportunities to boost productivity and optimize workflows. Moreover, our system provides personalized insights into individual clinician performance, facilitating targeted training and support for continuous improvement.

Our suite facilitates maximizing reimbursement and billing optimization. Billing Optimization Reports offer insights into coding practices, enabling providers to streamline billing processes and ensure proper reimbursement for services rendered. 

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